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⛓️ Cable

A Cable represents a Physics Constraint which joins two Actors with a rope-like visual representation between them

🏠 StaticMesh

A StaticMesh entity represents a Mesh which can be spawned in the world, can't move and is more optimized for using in decorating the world

👩‍💻 Player

Players are Entities that represents the individual behind the mouse and keyboard. Players are spawned automatically when connected to the server.

💾 Database

The Database entity provides programmers a way to access SQL databases easily through scripting.

📦 Prop

A Prop represents a Dynamic Mesh which can be spawned in the world, can be grabbed around by characters and have physics.

📽️ SceneCapture

Scene Capture is an Actor which captures a fully dynamic image of the scene into a Texture. It captures the scene from its view frustum, stores that view as an image, which is then used within a Material.

🔣 Blueprint

A Blueprint Class allows spawning any Unreal Blueprint Actor in nanos world.

🔪 Melee

A Melee represents an Entity which can be Pickable by a Character, doesn't have any special action unless holding it with hands with pre-defined handling modes.

🔫 Weapon

🟦 Authority: This class can only be spawned on Server.

🖌️ Decal

Decals are Materials that are projected onto meshes in your level, including Static Meshes and Skeletal Meshes.

🧑 Character

Characters represents Actors which can be possessed, can move and interact with world. They are the default Skeletal Mesh Character built for nanos world

🪤 Trigger

A Trigger class is a utility class to trigger events when any Entity enters an Area

🪧 Billboard

A Billboard is a 2D Material that will be rendered always facing the camera.

🚙 Vehicle

Vehicles are wheeled entities which Characters can possesses and drive

🆒 TextRender

A Text Render class is useful for spawning Texts in 3D world, you can even attach it to other entities