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Version: bleeding-edge 🩸

🏠 StaticMesh

A StaticMesh entity represents a Mesh which can be spawned in the world, can't move and is more optimized for using in decorating the world.

This class can be spawned on both 🟧 Client and 🟦 Server (if you spawn it on client, it won't be synchronized with other players).
This class inherits from Base Actor Base Paintable .

Static Meshes are like Props, but with fewer interaction options. Static Meshes are aimed to offer better performance on spawning Static "objects" in the world than Props.


Automatically all StaticMeshActors present in the Level will be loaded as a StaticMesh entity in the client side.

πŸ—οΈ Constructor​

local my_staticmesh = StaticMesh(location, rotation, static_mesh_asset, collision_type?)
Vector location
Rotator rotation
StaticMesh Reference static_mesh_asset

πŸ—Ώ Static Functions​

Inherited Actor Static Functions
Base Actorscripting-reference/classes/base-classes/actor
table of Base Actor GetAllReturns a table containing all Actors of the class this is called on
Base Actor GetByIndexReturns a specific Actor of this class at an index
number GetCountReturns how many Actors of this class exist
iterator GetPairsReturns an iterator with all Actors of this class to be used with pairs()
This entity doesn't have own static functions.

🦠 Functions​

Inherited Actor Functions
Base Actorscripting-reference/classes/base-classes/actor
AddImpulseApplies a force in world world to this Actor
AttachToAttaches this Actor to any other Actor, optionally at a specific bone
DestroyDestroys this Actor
DetachDetaches this Actor from AttachedTo Actor
SetCollisionSets this Actor's collision type
SetDimensionSets this Actor's Dimension
SetForceAdds a permanent force to this Actor, set to Vector(0, 0, 0) to cancel
SetGravityEnabledSets whether gravity is enabled on this Actor
SetVisibilitySets whether the actor is visible or not
SetHighlightEnabledSets whether the highlight is enabled on this Actor, and which highlight index to use
SetOutlineEnabledSets whether the outline is enabled on this Actor, and which outline index to use
SetLifeSpanSets the time (in seconds) before this Actor is destroyed. After this time has passed, the actor will be automatically destroyed.
SetLocationSets this Actor's location in the game world
SetRotationSets this Actor's rotation in the game world
SetRelativeLocationSets this Actor's relative location in local space (only if this actor is attached)
SetRelativeRotationSets this Actor's relative rotation in local space (only if this actor is attached)
SetScaleSets this Actor's scale
SetNetworkAuthoritySets the Player to have network authority over this Actor
SetValueSets a value in this Actor
TranslateToSmoothly moves this actor to a location over a certain time
RotateToSmoothly rotates this actor to an angle over a certain time
boolean IsBeingDestroyedReturns true if this Actor is being destroyed
boolean IsVisibleReturns true if this Actor is visible
boolean IsGravityEnabledReturns true if gravity is enabled on this Actor
boolean IsInWaterReturns true if this Actor is in water
boolean IsNetworkDistributedReturns true if this Actor is currently network distributed
boolean IsValidReturns true if this Actor is valid (i.e. wasn't destroyed and points to a valid Actor)
table of Base Actor GetAttachedEntitiesGets all Actors attached to this Actor
Base Actor or nilGetAttachedToGets the Actor this Actor is attached to
table GetBoundsGets this Actor's bounds
CollisionTypeGetCollisionGets this Actor's collision type
number GetIDGets the universal network ID of this Actor (same on both client and server)
Vector GetLocationGets this Actor's location in the game world
Player or nilGetNetworkAuthorityGets this Actor's Network Authority Player
Rotator GetRotationGets this Actor's angle in the game world
Vector GetForceGets this Actor's force (set by SetForce())
number GetDimensionGets this Actor's dimension
boolean HasNetworkAuthorityReturns true if the local Player is currently the Network Authority of this Actor
boolean HasAuthorityGets if this Actor was spawned by the client side
Vector GetScaleGets this Actor's scale
string GetTypeGets the type of this Actor
any GetValueGets a value stored on this Actor at the given key. Please refer to Entity Values for more information
Vector GetVelocityGets this Actor's current velocity
AddActorTagAdds an Unreal Actor Tag to this Actor
RemoveActorTagRemoves an Unreal Actor Tag from this Actor
table of string GetActorTagsGets all Unreal Actor Tags on this Actor
boolean WasRecentlyRenderedGets if this Actor was recently rendered on screen
number GetDistanceFromCameraGets the distance of this Actor from the Camera
number GetScreenPercentageGets the percentage of this Actor size in the screen
function SubscribeSubscribes to an Event
UnsubscribeUnsubscribes all callbacks from this Event in this Actor within this Package, or only the callback passed
Inherited Paintable Functions
Base Paintablescripting-reference/classes/base-classes/paintable
SetMaterialSets the material at the specified index of this Actor
SetMaterialFromCanvasSets the material at the specified index of this Actor to a Canvas object
SetMaterialFromSceneCaptureSets the material at the specified index of this Actor to a SceneCapture object
SetMaterialFromWebUISets the material at the specified index of this Actor to a WebUI object
ResetMaterialResets the material from the specified index to the original one
SetMaterialColorParameterSets a Color parameter in this Actor's material
SetMaterialScalarParameterSets a Scalar parameter in this Actor's material
SetMaterialTextureParameterSets a texture parameter in this Actor's material to an image on disk
SetMaterialVectorParameterSets a Vector parameter in this Actor's material
SetPhysicalMaterialOverrides this Actor's Physical Material with a new one
StaticMesh Reference GetMeshGets the Asset path mesh used
boolean IsFromLevelGets if this StaticMesh is from the Level


Gets the Asset path mesh used

Returns StaticMesh Reference (asset path)
local ret = my_staticmesh:GetMesh()


Gets if this StaticMesh is from the Level

Returns boolean (if this StaticMesh is from the level)
local ret = my_staticmesh:IsFromLevel()

πŸš€ Events​

Inherited Actor Events
Base Actorscripting-reference/classes/base-classes/actor
DestroyTriggered when an Actor is destroyed
DimensionChangeTriggered when an Actor changes it's dimension
SpawnTriggered when an Actor is spawned/created
ValueChangeTriggered when an Actor has a value changed with :SetValue()
TakeDamageCalled when a StaticMesh takes Damage


Called when a StaticMesh takes Damage
StaticMesh.Subscribe("TakeDamage", function(self, damage, bone, type, from_direction, instigator, causer)

StaticMesh selfThe entity which triggered
number damageDamage amount
string boneDamaged bone
DamageTypetypeDamage Type
Vector from_directionDirection of the damage relative to the damaged actor
Player instigatorThe player which caused the damage
any causerThe object which caused the damage