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Version: bleeding-edge 🩸

🪟 Widget3D

The Widget3D class is the 3D representation of a Widget class spawned in the world.

This class can only be spawned on 🟧 Client side.
This class shares methods and events from Base Entity, Base Actor.
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The Widget3D is the 3D representation of a Widget in the world! As it is an Actor, you have all the flexibility of it's methods!

🎒 Examples

Spawning a Widget3D from a Widget

-- Spawns a Widget
local my_text = Widget(NativeWidget.Text)
my_text:CallBlueprintEvent("SetText", "Hello World!")

-- Spawns the Widget3D directly from a Widget
local my_widget_3d = my_text:SpawnWidget3D()

🛠 Constructors

You can only spawn Widget3D through Widget:SpawnWidget3D() method.

🦠 Functions

Inherited Entity Functions
Widget3D inherits from Base Entity Class, sharing it's methods and functions:
Base Entityscripting-reference/classes/base-classes/Entity
BroadcastRemoteEventCalls a custom remote event directly on this entity to all Players
CallRemoteEventCalls a custom remote event directly on this entity to a specific Player
CallRemoteEventCalls a custom remote event directly on this entity
DestroyDestroys this Entity
table of stringGetAllValuesKeysGets a list of all values keys
tableGetClassGets the class of this entity
integerGetIDGets the universal network ID of this Entity (same on both client and server)
anyGetValueGets a Value stored on this Entity at the given key
booleanIsARecursively checks if this entity is inherited from a Class
booleanIsValidReturns true if this Entity is valid (i.e. wasn't destroyed and points to a valid Entity)
SetValueSets a Value in this Entity
functionSubscribeSubscribes to an Event on this specific entity
functionSubscribeRemoteSubscribes to a custom event called from server on this specific entity
UnsubscribeUnsubscribes all callbacks from this Event in this Entity within this Package, or only the callback passed
Inherited Actor Functions
Widget3D inherits from Base Actor Class, sharing it's methods and functions:
Base Actorscripting-reference/classes/base-classes/Actor
AddActorTagAdds an Unreal Actor Tag to this Actor
AddImpulseApplies a force in world world to this Actor
AttachToAttaches this Actor to any other Actor, optionally at a specific bone
DetachDetaches this Actor from AttachedTo Actor
table of stringGetActorTagsGets all Unreal Actor Tags on this Actor
table of Base ActorGetAttachedEntitiesGets all Actors attached to this Actor
Base Actor or nilGetAttachedToGets the Actor this Actor is attached to
tableGetBoundsGets this Actor's bounds
CollisionTypeGetCollisionGets this Actor's collision type
integerGetDimensionGets this Actor's dimension
floatGetDistanceFromCameraGets the distance of this Actor from the Camera
VectorGetForceGets this Actor's force (set by SetForce())
VectorGetLocationGets this Actor's location in the game world
Player or nilGetNetworkAuthorityGets this Actor's Network Authority Player
VectorGetRelativeLocationGets this Actor's Relative Location if it's attached
RotatorGetRelativeRotationGets this Actor's Relative Rotation if it's attached
RotatorGetRotationGets this Actor's angle in the game world
VectorGetScaleGets this Actor's scale
floatGetScreenPercentageGets the percentage of this Actor size in the screen
VectorGetVelocityGets this Actor's current velocity
booleanHasAuthorityGets if this Actor was spawned by the client side
booleanHasNetworkAuthorityReturns true if the local Player is currently the Network Authority of this Actor
booleanIsBeingDestroyedReturns true if this Actor is being destroyed
booleanIsGravityEnabledReturns true if gravity is enabled on this Actor
booleanIsInWaterReturns true if this Actor is in water
booleanIsNetworkDistributedReturns true if this Actor is currently network distributed
booleanIsVisibleReturns true if this Actor is visible
RemoveActorTagRemoves an Unreal Actor Tag from this Actor
RotateToSmoothly rotates this actor to an angle over a certain time
SetCollisionSets this Actor's collision type
SetDimensionSets this Actor's Dimension
SetForceAdds a permanent force to this Actor, set to Vector(0, 0, 0) to cancel
SetGravityEnabledSets whether gravity is enabled on this Actor
SetHighlightEnabledSets whether the highlight is enabled on this Actor, and which highlight index to use
SetLifeSpanSets the time (in seconds) before this Actor is destroyed. After this time has passed, the actor will be automatically destroyed.
SetLocationSets this Actor's location in the game world
SetNetworkAuthoritySets the Player to have network authority over this Actor
SetNetworkAuthorityAutoDistributedSets if this Actor will auto distribute the network authority between players
SetOutlineEnabledSets whether the outline is enabled on this Actor, and which outline index to use
SetRelativeLocationSets this Actor's relative location in local space (only if this actor is attached)
SetRelativeRotationSets this Actor's relative rotation in local space (only if this actor is attached)
SetRotationSets this Actor's rotation in the game world
SetScaleSets this Actor's scale
SetVisibilitySets whether the actor is visible or not
TranslateToSmoothly moves this actor to a location over a certain time
booleanWasRecentlyRenderedGets if this Actor was recently rendered on screen
WidgetGetWidgetNo description provided
RepaintForces this to repaint
SetAutoRepaintRateSets the auto repaint rate


— Returns Widget.

local ret = my_widget3d:GetWidget()


Forces this to repaint



Sets the auto repaint rate

floatrate Required parameter No description provided

🚀 Events

Inherited Entity Events
Widget3D inherits from Base Entity Class, sharing it's events:
Base Entityscripting-reference/classes/base-classes/Entity
ClassRegisterTriggered when a new Class is registered with the Inheriting System
DestroyTriggered when an Entity is destroyed
SpawnTriggered when an Entity is spawned/created
ValueChangeTriggered when an Entity has a value changed with :SetValue()
Inherited Actor Events
Widget3D inherits from Base Actor Class, sharing it's events:
Base Actorscripting-reference/classes/base-classes/Actor
DimensionChangeTriggered when an Actor changes it's dimension
This class doesn't have own events.