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2021 Aug: Coming to Alpha!

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Gabriel T. Nardy
nanos world developer (SyedMuhammad)

Muito tempo se passou desde que começamos a desenvolver o Nanos World. No final de 2017, começamos a cavar sobre essa ideia ambiciosa, sonhávamos em criar uma experiência de jogo sandbox de mundo aberto sem as limitações de jogos de engenharia reversa como Just Cause 3 ou Grand Theft Auto. Então decidimos criar um jogo do zero, mas só em meados de 2019 começamos a trabalhar muito, foi uma ideia muito entusiasmada, mas depois de muito sangue, amor e suor estamos chegando lá! 🥰

Alpha 1.0.0!

And we're finally reaching the long-awaited Alpha announcement! Lots of things have happened, lots of iterations have been done (and lots will come 😜) and thanks to all the support from our community and your feedback, we're getting closer and closer to releasing nanos world!

The official Alpha 1.0.0 update will come with tons of scripting and gaming news!


Along with the Alpha announcement, we have LOTS of other surprises! As you may have noticed, now nanos world is on STEAM!!! Itch was very good and helped us a lot at the time, and we will always be grateful that their service and support has always been free! But then we made the decision to take this next step moving to the biggest game platform!


🎋 Please don't forget to WISHLIST and share nanos world steam page!

New Website!

We've created a brand new website which contains a lot of information about nanos world which will help us marketing it! If you didn't yet, please take a look at!

Lot of news to come!

In the meantime since the last update (0.73.0), we've accumulated A LOT of new content for nanos world. Most couldn't be released as we were working alongside the Steam integration.

🔢 Versions

With the arrival of Steam, there will be several changes to how we distribute updates! We will now have two branches stable/latest and bleeding-edge, we intend to keep the default branch as stable as possible, while working in upcoming content in the bleeding-edge branch.

By default all testers will have access to bleeding-edge to be able to help us testing the new features before releasing them officially! Also in the docs we are going to have two versions which represent each of the branch!


The version a1.0.0 is already present in bleeding-edge branch and will come to stable as soon as possible! Really soon we will start publishing the full changelog of that!

🧪 Testers

With this new stage we decided to start fresh and restart our Tester subscriptions. Please check out Sign Up for Alpha Testing for more information on how to become a Tester.

If you already a Tester, please reach us in discord so you can get a Steam key. We will prioritize active members in the community!

🔮 Future plans

We've also created a new Roadmap page with all our plans and redirecting to our official Roadmap boards!

In the coming weeks we will gradually start distributing some Steam Keys and as soon we will release the first Steam update with a lot of new content!

Stay tuned! And thank you so much for all your support!