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Version: bleeding-edge 🩸

Command Line Interface - CLI

How to use the Command Line Interface to install packages and update the server.

The Server provides a CLI (Command Line Interface) to help creating, updating and downloading Packages and Assets from the Store.

It can work in two different modes: Interactive or Direct by running a command directly when starting it.

Starting the CLI in Interactive mode​

To run the cli, start the server with --cli argument, this will start the Interactive CLI:

./NanosWorldServer.exe --cli

After started, if you type help you can see all the available commands:

INFO  Starting nanos world CLI - Command Line Interface (beta)
nanos world cli> help
INFO Available commands:
- stop
- help
- update [package|assets] NAME1, NAME2...
- install [package|assets] NAME1, NAME2...
- upload [package|assets] NAME
- add [package|assets] NAME
- check

nanos world cli>

All CLI Commands​

install package [PACKAGE_NAMES...]Install Packages from the Store
update package [PACKAGE_NAMES...]Update Packages from the Store
install assets [ASSET_NAMES...]Install Asset Packs from the Store
update assets [ASSET_NAMES...]Update Asset Packs from the Store
add package [PACKAGE_NAME]Creates a new local Package in a interactive way
add assets [ASSET_NAME]Creates a new local Asset Pack in a interactive way
upload package [PACKAGE_NAME]Uploads a Package new version to the store
upload assets [ASSET_NAME]Uploads an Asset Pack new version to the store
checkCheck for Updates
helpDisplay all Commands
stopStops the CLI

Running the CLI in One-Liner/Direct mode​

It is also possible to run the CLI in a direct mode, just run the command together after the --cli. Example:

./NanosWorldServer.exe --cli update package sandbox

You can also install/update several Packages/Assets in a single command, separating them by spaces:

install package sandbox battlefield-kill-ui