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Version: bleeding-edge 🩸

Default Weapons

Default nanos world Weapons and it's Parameters.

nanos world provides a bunch of built-in Weapons Meshes ready to use! They are all configured in our default-weapons Package!

Here we will describe it's Material Parameters and how you can customize them!

Parameters Supported by nanos Default Weapons Materials​

TypeParameterDefault ValueDescription
ColorTintColor.WHITEAffects Base Color input
TextureTextureWhite TextureImage which multiplies with Tint to generate the final color
TextureNormalUP Normal Map Vector(0.5, 0.5, 1)Image which affects how Light reflects on the object
ScalarSpecular0.5Affects Specular input - goes from 0 to 1
Scalar​Metallic0Metallic multiplier
ScalarRoughness1Roughness multiplier
TextureMaterialMaskWhite TextureMask Image
R Channel - Roughness
G Channel - Metallic
B Channel - Ambient Occlusion
A channel - Pattern Mask
ColorPatternTintColor.WHITEAffects Base Color input of Pattern Texture
TexturePatternTextureWhite TextureImage which multiplies with PatternTint to generate the final color
ScalarPatternRoughness0.45Affects Roughness input - goes from 0 to 1 - Only applies on PatternTexture
ScalarPatternTilling1The size of Pattern Texture
ScalarPatternBlend0The Lerp used to blend the Pattern Texture and the base Texture
ScalarPatternBlendSharpness0.01How Sharp is the Pattern Blend