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Version: bleeding-edge 🩸

🛣️ Feedback, Bugs & Roadmap

How to submit new Ideas, report Bugs and check our Roadmap.

nanos world est un jeu axé sur les réactions, ce qui signifie que nous sommes toujours à l'écoute des réactions et des idées de la communauté pour suivre une voie de développement !

Reporting Bugs

Our official channel for bug tracking is our Github Issue Tracker. All bugs reported there get a special attention and is resolved as soon as possible.

🐛 Official Issue Tracker

Suggérer de nouvelles idées

All your suggestion and ideas can be collected in our official Feedback & Ideas Hub. We read all ideas in there and deeply discuss them to add the feature to the game! Also you can vote for already suggested ideas and get a rank on the best ideas.

💡 Official Feedback Hub

You can also join us on Discord and brainstorm with us in the #🧠|brainstorm channel 😛! But note that the official list that will get the due attention and will be properly tracked in the Feedback Hub!

Future Updates & Roadmap

All good ideas that are screened and selected for implementation are grouped in the Feedback Hub as well, in the Roadmap tab.