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👋 Welcome

Welcome to the new nanos world Official Documentation!

Welcome to the nanos world Official Documentation! A compilation of technical documentation written by nanos and you! Get started by reading through the introductory pages, or navigate to a specific page by using the search box.


💹 This docs is constantly improving and growing. We count on your help giving us feedback and even adding new pages or information on it 😁!

💑 You are allowed and encouraged to edit this and the other pages of this docs, please refer to Contributing to the Docs for more information on how to collaborate!


💡 We have a centralized space for reporting BUGs and Suggest new Ideas. nanos world is a feedback-driven game, all your suggestions are listened and deeply internally discussed!

If you desire to become a Closed Tester, please check the following page:

🧪 Sign Up for Alpha Testingsigning-up-alpha

Starting Out

Start now creating content for nanos world!

📌 Quick Startgetting-started/quick-start📑 Tutorials & Examplesgetting-started/tutorials-and-examples💻 Server Installationcore-concepts/server-manual/server-installation📦 Packages Guidecore-concepts/packages/packages-guide📚 Classes Guidecore-concepts/scripting/classes-guide