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How to create a Firework-shooter weapon using the Fireworks Particle Effects Asset Pack from our Vault!


We now have a Fireworks Tools Package available to download in the Vault which does exactly what this snippet do!

First you will need to download the Asset Pack Fireworks Particle Effects from our Vault!

Configuring the Asset Pack

After that you will need to add the requirement of this Asset Pack into your Package Config.toml:

# Package Configurations
# Package Name
name = "My Awesome Firework Package"
# Contributors
author = "SyedMuhammad"
# Version
version = "1.0.0"
# Image URL
image = ""
# Package Type: 'executable' (normal package) | 'library' (doesn't run - useful for code library)
type = "executable"
# Whether to force the Custom Map Script to do NOT load
force_no_map_script = false
# Auto Destroy all entities spawned by this package when it unloads
auto_cleanup = true
# Asset Packs Requirements
assets_requirements = [

Code Snippet

# install the default-weapons package
./NanosWorldServer.exe --cli install package default-weapons
-- Loads the default-weapons (note: it's recommended to add it to your Package's packages_requirements instead)

-- Let's spawn a Glock from default-weapons package and set it to give no damage, this also avoids it from spawning a trail particle
local weapon = Glock()

-- Let's subscribe for 'Fire' event from this weapon, this will be triggered for every fire it shoots
weapon:Subscribe("Fire", function(weap, shooter)
-- We get the position at the front of the weapon
local control_rotation = shooter:GetControlRotation()
local forward_vector = control_rotation:GetForwardVector()
local spawn_location = shooter:GetLocation() + Vector(0, 0, 40) + forward_vector * Vector(400)

-- We will spawn an empty/invisible Prop, to be our projectile - using our Invisible mesh 'SM_None'
local prop = Prop(spawn_location, control_rotation, "nanos-world::SM_None")

-- Spawns the trail/shell particle, this particle is not auto destroyed as it should follow the projectile,
-- this way we must destroy it manually after all
-- The Asset Pack which we are using to get the particles contains two Shells: 'PS_TS_FireworksShell' and 'PS_TS_FireworksShell_Palm'
-- You can use the another one to get more cool effects!
local particle = Particle(Vector(), Rotator(), "ts-fireworks::PS_TS_FireworksShell", false, true)

-- Attaches the particle to the projectile prop

-- Impulses the Projectile forward
prop:AddImpulse(forward_vector * Vector(50000), true)

-- Sets the shooter to be the Network Authority of this Projectile
-- This way only the shooter will be reponsible to handle the physics of this object

-- Calls the client to spawn the 'Launch' sound
Events.BroadcastRemote("SpawnFireworkSound", particle)

-- After 500 miliseconds, explode the firework
-- Calls the client to spawn the 'Explosion' sound at the projectile location
Events.BroadcastRemote("ExplodeFireworkSound", pr:GetLocation())

-- Spawns the Particle Explosion.
-- This Asset Pack also contains the following Particles, feel free to try them!
-- 'PS_TS_Fireworks_Burst_Chrys', 'PS_TS_Fireworks_Burst_Circle', 'PS_TS_Fireworks_Burst_Palm',
-- 'PS_TS_Fireworks_Burst_Shaped' and 'PS_TS_Fireworks_Burst_ShellsWithinShells'
local particle_burst = Particle(pr:GetLocation(), Rotator(), "ts-fireworks::PS_TS_Fireworks_Burst_Palm", true, true)

-- Those particles make it available to tweak some of their properties, let's set the BlastColor to red
particle_burst:SetParameterColor("BlastColor", Color(1, 0, 0))

-- Those particles exposes the following parameters:
-- Color: 'BurstColor', 'SparkleColor', 'FlareColor', 'TailColor'
-- bool: 'BlastSmoke', 'TailSmoke'
-- float: 'BurstMulti', 'SparkleMulti'
end, 500, prop)

-- After 1 second, destroy the particle and the projectile
-- Subscribes to spawn and attach the Firework launch sound
Events.Subscribe("SpawnFireworkSound", function(firework)
local sound = Sound(Vector(), "ts-fireworks::A_Firework_Launch", false, true, SoundType.SFX, 1, 1, 400, 100000)

-- Subscribes to spawn the Firework explosion sound
Events.Subscribe("ExplodeFireworkSound", function(location)
Sound(location, "ts-fireworks::A_Firework_Explosion_Fizz", false, true, SoundType.SFX, 3, 1, 400, 100000)