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Assets Guide

Tudo o que você precisa saber sobre os Ativos

Assets in nanos world are all objects or content which come from Unreal Engine. For example Maps, StaticMeshes, SkeletalMeshes, Sounds, Particles, Blueprints etc are all types of Assets.

In order to use custom Assets in your servers, for example to spawn a Prop, or a custom Weapon you must have an Asset Pack. Pacotes de ativos são um conjunto de ativos que foram exportados juntos do Unreal.

Estrutura da pasta

All Asset Packs go under the server's Assets/ directory. Cada pacote de ativos é uma pasta sob isso.


Asset Packs downloaded when connecting to servers or downloaded from the vault will be stored in server's Assets/ directory as well!

This is an example of a server Assets folder:

Server Folder
├── my-asset-pack-01/
├── MyAsset_01.uasset
├── MyAsset_02.uasset
├── MyBigMap.umap
└── Assets.toml
├── awesome-weapons/
├── BigFuckingGun.uasset
└── Assets.toml

Configuração do pacote de mídias

Os Pacotes de ativos têm um arquivo de configuração na raiz da pasta Pacote de Ativos, chamado de Ativos. oml, neste arquivo podemos configurar todas as configurações pertinentes relacionadas com o Pacote de Ativos:

Configurações Detalhadas

See a description of what each setting does:

titleFriendly name
VersãoVersion - in the SemVer format X.Y.Z
unreal.unreal_folderNome da pasta raiz do Projeto Unreal que exportou este Atributo. This is important so the Assets can keep the relative references correctly
unreal.unreal_versionVersion at which this Asset Pack was created
unreal.is_plugin_contentIf this Asset Pack is Plugin Content
assets.mapsLista de mapas neste pacote de ativos
assets.static_meshesLista de malhas estáticas neste pacote de ativos
assets.skeletal_meshesLista de Malhas Esqueléticas neste Pacote de Conteúdos
assets.sonsLista de sons deste Pacote de Conteúdos
ativos.animaçõesLista de Animações neste Pacote de Conteúdos
assets.particlesList of Particles in this Asset Pack
assets.materialsList of Materials in this Asset Pack
assets.blueprintsList of Blueprints in this Asset Pack
ativos.outrosLista de outros Ativos neste Pacote de Ativos

Asset Meta Data

It is possible to define custom Meta Data for each individual Asset!

Besides defining the Asset Path by string, like this:

SM_Flower_01 = "MyFolder/SM_Awesome_Flower_01"
SM_Rock_01 = "MyFolder/SM_Rock_01"
SM_MyAsset_01 = "MyFolder/SM_MyAsset_01"
# ...

We can also define them as a table, allowing custom values - which can be accessed through scripting:

SM_Flower_01 = { path = "MyFolder/SM_Awesome_Flower_01", my_tag = "Wonderful", something = 123, thumbnail = "Thumbnails/SM_Flower_01.jpg" }
SM_Rock_01 = { path = "MyFolder/SM_Rock_01", my_tag = "Wonderful", something = 123, thumbnail = "Thumbnails/SM_Rock_01.jpg" }
SM_MyAsset_01 = { path = "MyFolder/SM_MyAsset_01", my_tag = "Wonderful", something = 123, thumbnail = "Thumbnails/SM_MyAsset_01.jpg" }
# ...

The path key is required, all other values are optional and customizable, use as you wish!

Logo Image

It is possible to have a custom image to be displayed in the Vault. For that, add a file called Assets.jpg besides the Assets.toml with the image you wish. The recommended size is 300x150.

Conteúdos de referência no Scripting

To be able to use Assets in your code, first you have to ensure that the Asset Pack is loaded. An Asset Pack is loaded when:

  1. A map is loaded (this will make it's Asset Pack to be loaded automatically).
  2. A package with it configured in assets_requirements is loaded.
  3. It is manually set in Server's Config.toml at assets to load.

With the Asset Pack loaded, you can refer to it's assets using the following pattern:





[ASSET_PACK_PATH] is the folder name and [ASSET_KEY] is the key defined in the Assets.toml.

Tipos de Ativos

Some scripting methods require some specific Type of Assets to load. Attempting to load an invalid or wrong type will cause an Error. Ex.: Character:SetMesh() requer um ativo do tipo Esquelético Malha.

Here's a list of all supported Asset types:

MapearUm Mapa de Motor/Nível Unreal
Malha EstáticaMalhas estáticas irreais podem ser usadas para carregar malhas para Props e StaticMeshes
Malha EsqueléticaMalhas Esqueléticas Inreais podem ser usadas para carregar malhas de Caracteres e Veículos
SoundSons não reais para carregar sons
ParticleUnreal Particles can be used for settings in several entities, including Particle Class itself
AnimationAnimações irreais podem ser usadas para configurações de Personagem e Armas
MaterialUnreal Materials can be used for customizing meshes surfaces and used as Post Process
BlueprintUnreal Actor Blueprints can be used for spawning Blueprint entities

Creating your own Assets

To create your own Asset Pack, please refer to Importing Custom Assets Guide.

📦 Importing Custom Assetsassets-modding/creating-assets/setting-up-ue

Default Asset Pack

nanos mundo fornece um Pacote de Ativos padrão que já está incluído no jogo base. Please refer to the Default Asset Pack page for more information.

📦 Default Asset Packassets-modding/default-asset-pack/default-assets-list