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Version: bleeding-edge 🩸


Alles was du wissen musst, um deinen Server zu konfigurieren!


Die Server-Konfigurationsdatei Config.toml wird automatisch erzeugt, wenn der Server zum ersten Mal gestartet wird. Diese Datei wird immer mit dem korrekten Muster überschrieben, nachdem der Server geladen wurde.


nanos world Config files use TOML (Tom’s Obvious, Minimal Language), please refer to for more information and syntax.

Einstellungen detailliert

nameName des Servers
beschreibungBeschreibung des Servers
max_playersMax amount of players allowed to join
passwordPassword to be able to connect
ipServer IP. We recommend leaving it blank
portServer main Port and HTTP Port (UDP/TCP)
query_portServer query Port (UDP)
announceWhether to announce or not in the Server List
tick_rateServer Tick in ms. We recommend leaving it 33
log_levelWhich Log level to output
game_modegame-mode package to load - you can only load one game-mode at once.
loading_screenloading-screen package to load - you can only load one loading-screen at once.
packagesscript packages to load
mapmap package to load
assetsAdditional assets to force to load
tokenServer Token used for authorize downloads through CLI
banned_idsList of banned nanos account IDs

Logo Image

It is possible to have a custom image to be displayed in the server list. For that, add a file called Server.jpg besides the server executable with the logo you wish. The recommended size is 300x150.


You can pass a JPG image URL to --logo parameter to download and use a image from the web instead of placing it physically in the folder.

Map & Level

The Map (or Level) is defined in the Server's config file, this map will be loaded when the player joins the server in the client side.

To configure a map, please refer to Packages Guide to create a Map Package pointing to the correct Asset.

nanos world counts on (for now) 4 built-in maps: default-blank-map, default-empty-map, default-ocean-map and default-testing-map which can be used in your server without needing to download any Package/Asset Pack.

Server Console

Integrierte Befehle

chat <message>Sendet eine Chat-Nachricht
kick <player_id> <reason>Kicks a player by it's ID
map <map_path>Reloads all Packages and reconnect the Players in new Map
restartRestarts the server, reloading all Packages and reconnecting the Players
stopStops the server
playersLists all Players connected
password <new_password>Changes the server password
package run <package_name> <lua_code>Runs a code in a Package
package reload allReloads all Packages and restarts the Lua Virtual Machine
package reload <package_names...>Reloads Packages
package unload <package_names...>Unloads Packages
package load <package_names...>Loads Packages
package hotreload <package_names...>Reloads all files but keeps the memory as is

Eigene Befehle

It is possible to define custom commands as well, for that please refer to Console.RegisterCommand().

Command Line Parameters

It is possible to override the Server Configuration with Command Line Parameters.

--logostringServer Logo (downloads the image in-memory)
--ipstringServer IP
--KartestringKarte zum Laden
--query_portnumberServer Query port
--kündigen0 oder 1Wenn Ankündigungen in der Hauptliste
--game_modestringServer game-mode
--loading_screenstringServer loading-screen
--assetsstring-ListeServer assets
--tokenstringServer authorization token
--Maximale SpielernumberMaximal erlaubte Spieler
--dedicated_server0 oder 1If to start as a Dedicated Server or P2P
--async_log0 oder 1If to use async or sync logs (async provides better performance) - default is 1
--log_level1, 2 or 3If to use Normal, Debug or Verbose logs
--custom_settingstoml stringA list of Custom Settings to be passed to scripting in toml format
--compression0-9Sets the compression level to use in some networking operations - 0 disables it, 1 is the fastest and 9 is the slower but highest compression ratio
--saveflagIf to save the passed parameters in Config.toml
--profilingflagEnables Performance Profiling Logs for debugging
--auto_downloadflagAutomatically downloads Packages and Assets from Vault if needed
--use_vault_assets_leanflagOnly downloads the Asset Pack's .toml configuration files from Vault
--log_show_threadflagShows the current running thread of each outputted log
--enable_unsafe_libsflagEnables executing the methods os.execute, os.rename, os.remove, os.exit, os.getenv, os.tmpname, os.setlocale, dofile, loadfile and all io.* on server side (Caution: those methods may allow malicious operations to run on your server, make sure you know what you are doing)

Flag Value Types don't require any argument, just pass the parameter like --parameter.

One-liner Server Configuration

With Command Line Parameters and Command Line Interface (CLI), it is also possible to automate the full server installation, here's an example:

# Installs/Updates the server through SteamCMD
steamcmd +force_install_dir /home/nanos-world-server +login anonymous +app_update "1936830 -beta bleeding-edge" validate +quit

# Installs all needed Packages (this will install needed Assets as well)
./ --cli install package sandbox battlefield-kill-ui ts-fireworks-tools

# Starts the server with all configs set
./ --name "nanos world Amazing Sandbox" --description "Awesome Sandbox Server" --map "nanos-world::TestingMap" --game_mode "sandbox" --packages "battlefield-kill-ui,ts-fireworks-tools" --port 7777 --query_port 7778 --max_players 32 --logo ""

Another shorter example:

# Starts the server with all configs set and auto downloads the packages and assets if needed
./ --name "nanos world Amazing Sandbox" --description "Awesome Sandbox Server" --map "nanos-world::TestingMap" --game_mode "sandbox" --packages "battlefield-kill-ui,ts-fireworks-tools" --port 7777 --query_port 7778 --max_players 32 --auto_download 1 --logo ""

Common Console Messages and Errors

Server zu stark/extrem hoch! Überprüfen Sie die Leistung des Servers! Server got stuck for Xms...

It means the server got stuck for X milliseconds. The warning (yellow) is not something to worry about, but too many messages in red could mean your server infrastructure is not that good or your scripting code is not that optimized.

Usually the server runs at 33 ticks per second (or the value configured at Config.toml), the server runs in an infinite loop in that frequency, and inside that loop all server operations are executed, such as receiving and sending network packets, triggering lua events, executing functions or callbacks, and so on.

If a single tick takes more than 33 milliseconds, this warning will appear up.


In some shared VPS, this warning may appear up more frequently due how the VPS handles the scaling of it's machines, sometimes the provider may think your VPS is "idle" (due nanos world server using extremely low CPU) and may decrease your processing power, causing this warning show up as well.

Lua Stack Error: Should be X, is Y...

This is an internal error and should not supposed to happen. Those are guards set around our Lua Scripting implementation to prevent bad things from happening. If this error appears it means a implementation bug happened. Please communicate immediately with the devs, and if possible how to reproduce that!

...Was it supposed to happen?

Those FATAL errors usually shouldn't happen, if you experience any, please let us know.