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Version: bleeding-edge 🩸


Die Erstellung von Servern in nanos Welt ist sehr einfach und einfach, nur ein paar Schritte und Sie haben Ihren Server bereit und bereit!

Minimum System Requirements​

  • OS: Windows or Linux
  • Processor: 2x 1.0 GHz (faster cores is better than many cores)
  • Memory: 50 MB (grows if having too many Players or spawned Entities)
  • Storage: 30 MB (+ Assets & Packages size)
  • Network: Recommended at least 1 MB/s (grows if having too many Players or spawned Entities)
  • Network Forwarded Ports: 7777 TCP/UDP and 7778 UDP (you can change that in the Config)


On Windows, you have three options for downloading nanos world server:

  1. Use the executable (.exe) already located at nanos-world/Server/NanosWorldServer.exe (if you downloaded the base game).
  2. Or download nanos worldβ„’ Dedicated Server tool from Steam Client.
  3. Use SteamCMD.


On Linux, the only way to download the server is through SteamCMD. If you are on Ubuntu/Debian, you can easily install it like that:

sudo add-apt-repository multiverse
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt update
sudo apt install lib32gcc1 steamcmd

Note: on Linux, you must start the server using the Shell Script ./, which will configure proper paths and needed dynamic libraries which need to be loaded!


You should probably look into Linux & ARM Server installation to see if your operating system is entirely supported!

Downloading using SteamCMD​

To download the server through SteamCMD (a command line version of Steam) please download it before proceeding.

1. After downloaded, run steamcmd executable, once loaded you will get into it's console:​


2. You can optionally define an installation folder to install nanos world server:​

Steam> force_install_dir c:/nanos-world-server/

3. The next step is to login on SteamCMD, you can login anonymously with:​

Steam> login anonymous

4. You can then install or update nanos world server using it's app id: 1936830:​

Steam> app_update 1936830

And you are done! You can quit the console:​

Steam> quit

Installing bleeding-edge version​

To install the bleeding-edge version of the server, you will need to specify it's branch when installing:

Steam> app_update 1936830 -beta bleeding-edge

Automated Installation​

An easier way to install or update nanos world server is using an one-liner command to run SteamCMD:

steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +app_update 1936830 validate +quit

or on bleeding-edge:

steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +app_update 1936830 -beta bleeding-edge validate +quit

Finished! You can now proceed to the next steps to configure your nanos world server.