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Version: latest - a1.37.x ⚖️

🤝 Contributing to the Docs

Hello Dyno! Hello Markdown!

This docs is made on Docusaurus platform and written in Markdown! Please feel free to suggest changes and edit the page on GitHub, this help is really important to us and we really appreciate those who help writing it!

Translating Pages​

By default, all pages on GitHub are in English and all translation is provided by Crowdin. You can access the nanos world official docs Crowdin page and help us fulfilling the translation for all available languages! More languages can be requested! Please let us know if you want to help with a new language!

Percentage of pages translated​



You can suggest changes directly on GitHub by pressing Edit this Page button at the bottom left of each Page, just make a suggestion and a Pull Request on it! Once accepted, your suggestion will immediately apply on the docs! Note: This will affect the English version only.


All suggestion and translation will apply on the bleeding-edge version of the docs (i.e. will only take effect on the 'default version' once a new version is released)!