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Reworked Docs

· 2 min read
Gabriel T. Nardy
nanos world developer (SyedMuhammad)

Some time ago, we released our brand new docs version written in Markdown! It was using GitBook services and hosting, the jump was big from the previous version written in Sphinx.

Since then we are exploring the market possibilities, we've tested ReadMe, ReType and MdBook as well.

And then finally we've found Docusaurus! A open source Docs which allows a lot of customization, and even has some amazing built-in features that we can use! This is a next jump towards the success!

Check out the Key Features added in the full post!


Key Features​

Dark Mode!​

Our eyes thank you! Now we can toggle the Light scheme in the top right corner of the screen!

Docusaurus provides tons of Search Engines to use, we are going to iterate between all of them to find the best one!


Now our docs can have versions! In advance to some plans we have in mind, we will be able to display different versions to be read!


We now support multi-languages! The translation is provided by Crowdin, a cloud-based solution that streamlines localization! Everyone can collaborate in translating the pages, and even the blog posts!

For that, please go to nanos world official docs Crowdin page, create an account and help us translating the pages! We currently support Portuguese, German and French, but more can be added on demand!

Blog Page!​

You must be already reading it, but now we can have a built-in Blog page! News everywhere everytime!

100% of customization​

We can embed the power of React into Markdown, allowing we to modularize and automatize some page creations! Less effort to us! Also we can create our own Components Improving a lot the UX!

Stay tuned because next weeks we are going to make HUGE announcements!

Please enjoy and give us feedback!