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Are you ready to put your creativity skills to the test? Welcome to the first community created nanos world™ game-mode contest!

The goal is to create the coolest game-modes to be played during the upcoming Steam Scream Fest, which happens between the days of October 26 and November 2. We will have approximately one month of preparation to develop the game-modes!

The Halloween event is a classic for nanos world, giving a lot of visibility to the game and bringing many new players and fans to our community!

Contest Timeline

  • Start: 25/09/2023 - 12PM (GMT time)
  • End: 25/10/2023 - 12PM (GMT time)
  • Community Play: 26/10/2023 to 02/11/2023 (specific playtimes TBD)
  • Winners Announcement: 04/11/2023

We've intentionally set a substantial gap between the start and end dates to allow ample time for contestants to develop, polish, and test their game-modes. Additionally, we've scheduled a period after the contest ends to showcase game-modes through a live streams on Twitch and in-game testing by current players.

Contest Rules

  • Team Size Limit: Teams are limited to 1-2 testers per team. This encourages diversity in game-modes and helps prevent overly ambitious projects that might be abandoned.
  • Open-Source game-modes: All game-modes must be open-source once the competition concludes. Contestants will have to upload their creation on a git service (publicly) before the contest end date in order to be judged, and ideally keep them public after the contest to ensure your creations live on beyond the competition! The essential gameplay functionality must be implemented in Lua or Blueprint.
  • Submission Limit: Each team is allowed only one submission. This rule is in place to encourage quality over quantity.
  • Theme/Restrictions: The game-mode must be developed under at least one of the spooky themes: Horror, Survival Horror, Vampire, Zombies, Werewolves, Supernatural, Dark Fantast and Lovecraftian.

Jury and Judging

A jury appointed from the nanos world™ community will evaluate your game-modes based on predefined criteria. This not only provides exposure to the game but also sets the stage for the playtest that follows.

Here's a list of the judging criteria:

  • Gameplay: Is it fun, engaging, and balanced? Does it provide a satisfying player experience? Are the mechanics well-executed, and is it easy to pick up but hard to master?
  • Theme: How effectively does the game-mode incorporate and reflect the chosen theme? Does it immerse players in the world or narrative you've created?
  • Originality: To what extent does the game-mode stand out in terms of creativity and innovation? Is it a fresh take on existing concepts, or does it introduce entirely new mechanics?
  • Design and Presentation: This can be broken down into several subcategories: User Interface, Sound, Map Design, Model and Art Design...
  • Replayability: Is the game-mode designed for long-term enjoyment, with replay value? Are there reasons for players to return to it after initial playthroughs?
  • Technical Execution: How well is the game-mode implemented from a technical standpoint? Does it run smoothly without major bugs or glitches? Is it optimized?

The final score will be the average of all criteria from 0-5.


The main purpose is fun and engagement, but to make it more fun, we will create some symbolic rewards for first places, which will appear featured inside the game, a page dedicated to Docs and in our Discord:

  • Discord Role: Winners will receive an exclusive Discord role ("2023 game-mode contest"), allowing them to flaunt their victory!
  • In-Game Recognition: The winner(s)'s name(s) and game-mode will be featured permanently in the nanos world's Hall of Fame page!
  • Community Spotlight: Winners will also be featured in a publication on
  • Game Mode Highlight: The game-mode will get a special highlight on Vault showing it was one of the winners of the Halloween contest!

Get started to dive into nanos world™ and let your creativity shine!