Spawn player at random locations


When a player enters the server, the player must be assigned to a character. The player can be spawned at random predefined locations. Each time the player dies or spawns again, a random location should be determined. As soon as the player leaves the server, the character must be removed as well.


The following code is partially used in our Official Sandbox Package. Which you can read the full code at


-- List of Start Locations to spawn (like player_start)
startLocations = {
        Vector(-2006.000000, 8287.000000, -200.000000),
        Vector(-4701.000000, 7058.000000, 236.000000),
        Vector(7065.000000, 5516.000000, 192.000000),
        Vector(4084.000000, 8175.000000, 238.000046),
        Vector(-4661.070801, -688.318481, 295.228271),
        Vector(9349.953125, -776.581421, 215.060547),
        Vector(6221.000000, -7602.000000, 197.000000),
        Vector(344.223877, -4713.804199, 517.179199),
        Vector(-2352.433594, -6579.508789, 313.297119),
        Vector(-7831.000000, -7635.000000, 197.000000),
        Vector(-9481.000000, -2884.350830, 185.215271),
        Vector(-8014.036621, -754.221375, 394.598022),
        Vector(-9400.706055, 3869.706299, 186.855911),
        Vector(-5850.000000, 8164.000000, 222.000046),
        Vector(-2050.000000, 6654.000000, 228.000000),
        Vector(-1207.603516, 5056.930176, 235.285980),
        Vector(3760.009277, 10620.053711, 119.038712),
        Vector(3143.985352, 8324.702148, 248.355957),
        Vector(6910.936035, -1799.466309, 267.055115),
        Vector(1569.594360, -10662.000000, 216.248596),
        Vector(-4014.836670, -4764.884766, 713.900269)

-- Returns a random Start Location
function getRandomStartLocation()
        return startLocations[math.random(#startLocations)]

-- Called when Players connect to the server
Player:on("Spawn", function(player)
        -- Gets a Initial Location for the Character (it will always respawn at this position passed through the
        -- constructor, you can change this with SetInitialLocation)
        local initialLocation = getRandomStartLocation()

        -- Spawns a Character
        local newChar = Character(initialLocation)

        -- Possess the new Character

-- Called when Character respawns
Character:on("Respawn", function(character)
        -- Pick a random location
        local location = getRandomStartLocation()

        -- Sets the Initial Character's Location (location where the Character will spawn). After the Respawn event, a
        -- call for SetLocation(InitialLocation) will be triggered. If you always want something to respawn at the same
        -- position you do not need to keep setting SetInitialLocation, this is just for respawning at random spots

-- Called when Player unpossess a Character
Player:on("UnPossess", function(player, character, bIsPlayerDisconnecting)
        -- If Player is disconnecting from the server, destroys it's Character
        if (bIsPlayerDisconnecting) then