Global VariablesΒΆ

In, all interactions are made above a Class or a Global Variable / Namespace. That means 99% of things you would do needs an Object/Table reference to be done. With that in mind, this page will list all Objects which already exists and/or is spawned by default and can be accessed from anywhere.

For example, if you want to interact with World (move the sun, set it rain, etc), you will need the World Global Variable:

-- make it 9:25 AM
World.SetTime(9, 25)


World is a Namespace and exists by default, i.e. you do not need (or can) spawn World entities. P.S.: the code above is client-only.


Some Global Variables are Namespaces, which means their functions are called with . instead of :. Others are just instances of a Class (for example: Package and Events are Instances of Classes, and Render is a Namespace). This is going to be standardized soon.