Nanos World allows several ways of customizations: from programmable scripts to completely modding meshes and assets. Modding allows you to import and create custom meshes, maps, textures and so on to your server!

This section aims to guide you on how to create your own Assets and how to include them in your server.


Before moving on, please read Assets for a quick guide on how Assets work and how to import your first Asset.

Exporting and Creating Assets

Rules for exporting/creating assets in Unreal Engine 4 for

  1. Always create a Root folder with the name of your pack (e.g. /Content/My_Weapon_Pack/) and put all content you use inside that (you can create sub-folders as well).

  2. Do not use Engine Content (i.e. Engine’s default materials or default meshes), always make a copy them inside your Content folder and use that instead. Engine content are not exported correctly.

Additional Tips

  1. Use a proper name pattern for your Assets.

  2. Use small assets size and configure textures compression properly (big files are bad for network bandwidth). We recommend max 2048x2048 size for textures, as they will be 5MB each.