Maps & Levels

Maps and Levels are quite the most straightforward asset that you can create and import. In Unreal, Maps are called Levels, usually these levels are filled with a Landscape component to make the terrain, some Lights and some Static Meshes (Trees, Houses, etc).

Rules for creating a Map/Level for

  1. Do not spawn/place Dynamic Meshes (with Physics), as they will not be synced in-game. You need to spawn them as a Prop on the scripting.

  2. Add a “Sun” actor-tag to all Lighting/Sky/Sun related actors (DirectionalLight, SkyLight, DomeMesh, SkyAtmosphere or SunSky), this will allow, if wanted, to your light to be overridden by scripters to use instead the Official NanosWorld Sun through World.SpawnDefaultSun(), which allows light/sun customization.


Most of World functions rely on our own assets and code, so it is not (yet) possible to change the lighting or weather in your custom Map with World scripting functions.

After exporting your project (refer to Assets), you can just reference your map in your server config like MyPack::MyLevel.

Custom Map Script

Maps can also have a Custom Script (server-only) attached to it. These are files named [MAP_NAME].lua in the same folder as the map in the Assets/ folder. If no one of your Packages disallow it, this script file will be loaded as well. Usually these scripts should have map specific spawn props/weapons points and pertinent stuff.

Tutorial for Creating your own Map

Please refer to our Official Tutorial Creating Maps.