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Version: dernière - a1.19.x ⚖️

Migrating from 1.0 to 1.3

All changes from Alpha 1.0 until 1.2 did not have breaking changes, all changes were documented as deprecated and got warnings on the console if you are using it.

Breaking Changes


Breaking Changes requires you to immediately fix your code, otherwise it won't work properly anymore.

TranslateTo() and RotateTo()

Now TranslateTo() and RotateTo() has new parameters, speed has been replaced by time and sweep has been removed.

-- Old
Actor:TranslateTo(location, speed, sweep)
Actor:RotateTo(rotation, speed)

-- New
Actor:TranslateTo(location, time, exp)
Actor:RotateTo(rotation, time, exp)

time is how long it takes to make the movement, and exp is the exponential used to smooth the movement (ease-in ease-out).

Deprecation Notes


Deprecation Notes will still work in the current way, but the old methods/interfaces will be removed as soon as possible, without previous warning. Please always stay tuned to the console to warning messages, they are very important! 😉

SetCameraLocation() and SetCameraRotation()

Now SetCameraLocation() and SetCameraRotation() don't have time and exp parameters anymore.

We've added new methods TranslateCameraTo() and RotateCameraTo() with time and exp. Set[Something] will be just setters.